Golden Frog Scuba

-San Fernando fort : 2-6 hours kayak and hiking. A half-hour paddle across Portobelo bay combined with a hike to top of the mountain. Beautiful views and a secret location for spotting a rare nocturnal species - the Owl Monkey.

Day trips include:

Hiking : 3-8 hours along the ridge behind the town of Portobelo. Excellent for bird watching and regular sightings of monkeys and sloths.

Let Your Adventures Begin...

Accompany a wildlife photographer as we explore the rainforest in search of Panama's most exotic animals.  Journey on foot or by kayak as we access remote areas with beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife.  Adventure with us for multiple days or just an afternoon as we create trails through unexplored jungle and even access the canopy of the rainforest!

Coolers, dry-bags and custom combinations of events available upon request! 10 People Maximum, 2 Person Minimum - price per person dependent on duration of trip.

-Snorkel at the beach and islands : 3-6 hours by kayak. Secluded areas and beautiful beaches - set your own pace and enjoy.

Explore all the beauty the Ocean and JUNGLE have to offer

Cascajal river and mangroves : 3-8 hours by kayak, excellent bird watching and beautiful scenery. Reptiles include caimans, iguanas, turtles and the famous "Jesus Christ lizard".

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