Dive Excursions

With our excursions, our primary goal is Customer Satisfaction.  We can't control the conditions, but we can take the extra step to ensure the standards we strive for to achieve our goal.

All Dive Excursion prices include boat charter and your dive gear. 
We offer special pricing for Snorkeling Only for groups of 4 or more and for you divers, we use ScubaPro BCDs that come with weight integrated pockets, and our service is top quality - you never have to change a tank yourself!

Book your dates and check for upcoming events on our calendar at the bottom of this page.

**Credit/Debit Card Payments accepted online via PayPal, or if paying in person Cash Only** 

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Given dive sites are very close and travel times are very short, we generally try to head out of port around 9:00 am. If you're not staying on site and need transportation, just let us know.  After you’re secured on the boat we head out to the selected dive site for the first dive of the day.  After the morning dive, since the sites are so close, you have your choice of heading back to the facility for lunch and rest or we can take you to an island beach to break for snacks allowing enough time to stretch your legs, explore a bit and even do some quick snorkeling if you’d like. After lunch/snacks we board the boat again and head out to a different site location for the afternoon dive before heading back to port.

Most dive sites are a 5-10 minute boat ride away.  2 Diver minimum required.  $120/2 tank dive ($20 additional cost for gear if needed).

*Drake's Island*
           The most popular area to dive, with 2 sites to choose from.  On the island are 2 different beach areas that are good for snorkeling, and the dive sites are popular due to color and marine activity.

*One Rock*
           Another popular site to dive, with canyon style channels and one of the only locations to find sand sharks.

*Buenaventura Island*         
           This island has 3 sites to choose from, one of which is a sunken twin engine Beechcraft.

*Tres Hermanas*

            Like Salmedina - deeper and stronger currents.  At times, when lionfish hunting at this site, you may even be lucky enough to receive a visit from Nellie the nurse shark.

            This site is suited more towards the Advanced diver, given it is deeper than other sites and has stronger currents.

           Sunday Special - weather permitting - both dives of the day at Isla Farallones, commonly known as "El Faro" (The Lighthouse).  Extended boat ride (30-45 minutes) but no extended cost.  Dive rocky structures with colorful sponges and bigger fish.